Lego super brick

A large Super Brick.

Super Bricks are collectible bricks in LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. The term is used slightly different in the two games. Collecting them does not affect getting 100% on either game.

In LEGO City Undercover a super brick is a special, high-value Brick which can found in many places in LEGO City. These bricks are multi-hued and appear to cycle through various colors. The smaller 2x2 super bricks are worth 1,000 bricks, while the larger 4x2 super bricks are worth 10,000 bricks.

In The Chase Begins, the term super brick is used to refer to two different types of items. One use of the term is the same as in LEGO City Undercover, except that the values are lower. The other use of the term is for the bricks which appear when Chase McCain smashes LEGO items. This second usage is for what LEGO City Undercover refers to simply as bricks.

In both games super bricks are found in abundance, as there are approximately 289 total.Their main use is to increase brick totals to enable McCain to build Super Builds.