Super Astro Crate
Game LEGO City Undercover
Brick No. 33
Cost 30,000 studs
Disguises needed to obtain Construction Worker, Miner, Robber, Astronaut, Fireman

Super Astro Crate is a Red Brick in LEGO City Undercover which allows Astro Crates to be opened without entering the proper sequence of lights.


During Astronaughty, once Chase McCain reaches the hangar, use the Construction Worker Disguise to repair the Fusebox in the rear left corner. This will activate a lift. Ride the lift and use the Miner disguise to obtain Dynamite from the Vending Machine. Place the dynamite in the small barrel in the front right corner of the hangar. Drop down to the lower level and pry the door open with the Crowbar. Use the teleporter to arrive high in the rafters, and break open the boarded up door to reach the red brick.