Lego studs

Silver and gold studs.

Studs are a form of currency in LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. In both games they are collected from the environment. In The Chase Begins they can also be collected from smashing LEGO items. Studs can be spent to purchase Unlockables such as Red Bricks, Vehicles, Characters, and in LEGO City Undercover, Gold Bricks. You can spend studs in the Police Station basement, reached through use of the elevator on the far right of the main floor.

The value of a stud is determined by its color: silver studs are worth 10 studs, gold studs are worth 100 studs, blue studs are worth 1,000 studs, and purple studs which are worth 10,000 studs. Each color of studs causes a distinct sound to play when it is collected.

The value of studs can be increased by finding and activating certain red bricks. In LEGO City Undercover these are Studs x2, Studs x4, Studs x6, Studs x8 and Studs x10. In The Chase Begins stud multiplying bricks are: Stud Multiplier x2, Stud Multiplier x4, Stud Multiplier x6, Stud Multiplier x8, Stud Multiplier x10. In both games the multipliers stack, allowing for a total multiplier of 3,840.

In LEGO City Undercover the Sat Nav feature of the Communicator causes a trail of green studs to appear which Chase McCain can follow to his destination. These studs are not collectible unless the red brick Collect Sat Nav Studs is enabled, in which case they are worth 10 studs. This can be increased by activating stud multiplying red bricks. Occasionally, the green studs from Super Chicken Glides will also count as Sat Nov studs with this red brick enabled, causing them to be collected as green studs rather than silver. Super Jetpack Hover's red studs, however, cannot be collected in this fashion and will become silver studs.