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Special Assignment 2 - Trouble in Stir is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. It takes place inside the cellblock of Albatross Prison and is triggered during Chapter 3 - Go Directly to Jail.

Plot Summary

As part of the investigation into Rex Fury's escape from Alabatross Prison, Blue Whittaker, the fixer at the prison, sends Chase McCain inside the cellblocks to fetch a package.

Once inside McCain finds that a rowdy group of prisoners are running amok, and the lone prison guard can't control them. McCain offers to help, and manages to get six of the troublemakers back into their cells. Once the prisoners are back in their cells, the guard lets McCain into Blue's cell, where he finds a change of clothes, which unlocks the Robber Disguise.

Once McCain has the robber disguise on, Blue calls McCain and informs him that he needs to break into Warden Stonewall's office, as that's the only way into Fury's cell. Using the Crowbar to break into cells, McCain ascends the levels of the cellblock and makes his way to the Warden's office, possibly picking up Studs x2 along the way.

Once McCain is inside the Warden's office, Blue calls to inform him that the Warden has a secret elevator which leads directly to Fury's cellblock. He also urges McCain to lock the Warden up, as the Warden won't allow McCain to search the room for access to the elevator. McCain locks the Warden in his bathroom, where the Warden makes a phone call which implies that the warden is in cahoots with Rex Fury.

McCain opens the Warden's safe and finds an opera record. After playing the record, one of the Warden's speakers blows and McCain rebuilds it into a keypad which McCain activates to reveal a secret entrance to an elevator hidden behind a painting of the Warden.

The secret entrance leads to Rex Fury's cell, which is large and well-appointed, with weight-lifting equipment, a hot tub, and a widescreen TV. After McCain fights off a couple of thugs who were using Fury's hot tub, Blue calls to ask if McCain has gotten into the Warden's office yet, and McCain tells him he's in Fury's cell, which McCain comments is nicer than his apartment. Blue claims that is mostly down to him, and wishes McCain good luck. He tells McCain if he catches Fury to tell him Blue said "hi".

McCain explores Fury's cell, looking for clues. McCain discovers three hidden buttons in Fury's cell, and once all three have been activated, he finds a secret exit hidden behind a painting. Taking the exit, McCain finds himself dumped into a mud pit outside Albatross Prison, with Chief Dunby and Frank Honey waiting.

In the mud pit McCain finds a hammer from Bluebell Mine and deduces that Fury used it to escape. Dunby orders McCain not to go to Bluebell Mine, but to let Sheriff Huckleberry investigate instead.

This completes the Special Assignment.