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Special Assignment - Fly Me to the Moon is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. It is the last special assignment in the game as well as the last story mode mission.

Plot summary

Moonbase pattern

Panel configuration to return to LEGO City.

This mission begins when Chase McCain arrives on the Moon. He eventually makes his way inside the moon base and manages to launch Forrest Blackwell's rocket back to LEGO City by reconfiguring the rocket's power panels.

This angers who Blackwell, who sends Rex Fury to fight McCain. Fury is riding the robotic Tyranosaurus Rex that McCain stole from the Uptown Museum, and McCain is controlling a giant Blackwell Mech suit.

After McCain defeats Fury, Blackwell separates the command module from the rest of the rocket with himself and Natalia Kowalski inside. McCain is attacked by Rex again, along with a number of Blackwell's goons. McCain defeats Fury yet again, and goes into freefall trying to catch up to Natalia in the command module. He eventually does, and they land safely in LEGO City, but Blackwell and Fury apparently escape.

A few moments later Chief Dunby informs McCain that Fury has been caught, as he crashed into someone's house. Fury is then seen with a toilet on his head. Dunby offers to give McCain credit for Fury's arrest this time, but McCain looks at Natalia and says that it doesn't matter, because some things are more important than work.

The credits then roll and story mode is completed.