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Special Assignment - Breaking and Reentering is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover.

Plot summary

This mission begins during Chapter 13 - Secrets when Chase McCain and Professor Kowalski enter Forrest Blackwell's Mansion to rescue Natalia Kowalski. McCain and Kowalski decide to split up to search for Natalia.

After making his way inside Blackwell's Mansion, McCain meets up with Professor Kowalski. Neither has managed to find Natalia, but McCain's activities in Blackwell Mansion have revealed Forrest Blackwell's plans.

A large crowd is gathering Downtown at Blackwell Tower, where Blackwell has promised a major announcement. McCain realizes that Blackwell Tower is a giant rocket, which Blackwell plans to fly to the moon, where he'll use Professor Kowalski's containment bubbles to begin a new society.

McCain realizes that the exhaust from the rocket launch will fry everyone within about ten blocks, so he calls Ellie Phillips, who has been attending to gathering at Blackwell Tower, to warn her to clear the area. She attempts to do so and starts a minor panic.

Meanwhile McCain and Kowalski exit Blackwell's Mansion without having found Natalia. Kowalski asks McCain to go to his building in the Auburn Docks to retrieve his working prototypes of the containment bubbles. Kowalski plans to use them to contain the rocket exhaust and prevent people from being hurt.

Kowalski flies off in the UFO, ending both Breaking and Reentering and Secrets, and beginning Chapter 14 - Savings and Loans.