Moe De Luca is Vinnie Pappalardo's cousin and right-hand man in LEGO City Undercover. Moe was on his way to Albatross Prison to serve an 8 year sentence for 412 unpaid parking violations when Chase McCain, working undercover to infiltrate Vinnie's gang, freed Moe using a prison transport vehicle obtained from Chuck Morrison.

Moe then helped Chase hijack a shipment of parts for Vinnie, which impressed Vinnie enough to allow Chase to steal the Bell Pepper Emerald for him.

Moe also took the fire boat Chase stole for Vinnie to Forrest Blackwell's mansion, so chase could steal something from his vault.

Moe was last seen evading the Sentinels. He tells Chase to go check on Vinnie, which starts Special Assignment - They All Scream for Ice Cream.