Chase McCain in his Miner disguise.

The Miner is a Disguise worn by Chase McCain in LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. In LEGO City Undercover it is unlocked in Bluebell Mine. In The Chase Begins it is unlocked in Bluebell Woods.

In LEGO City Undercover the Miner is Chase McCain's fourth disguise, after Civilian, Police Officer, and Robber. It is unlocked during Special Assignment - Miner Altercation.

In The Chase Begins the Miner is Chase McCain's sixth disguise, after Police Officer, Robber, Construction Worker, Farmer, and Astronaut. It is unlocked during It's Not Yours, It's Mine with the ability to use explosive being unlocked during The Nut Cracker, and can be used infinitely.


The main ability of the Miner disguise is to use a Pick Axe to destroy Boulders. This disguise also allows McCain to use Dynamite.