Longer Vehicle Boost
Game LEGO City Undercover
Brick No. 39
Cost 50,000 studs
Disguises needed to obtain Farmer

Longer Vehicle Boost is a Red Brick in LEGO City Undercover which increases the duration of nitrous boosts. It does not affect the Arowana or Chan's Arowana.


In Festival Square, on a top of a large building northeast of the hospital. To find it, head northeast of the hospital and find a large building across the road. On the west side of the building is a fenced in area with a Coffee Break.

Climb one side of the fence, then smash the nearby objects and build a small trampoline. On the next level find a pot and water it, then climb to the next level. Circle the build and build a small trampoline and ascend to the top of the building. Once on the top of the building head towards the back and find the Chicken Glide icon. The red brick is to the left of it, hidden behind a rise in the building.

The Free Run token for Festival Square can be obtained from atop the rise in the building. The Astronaut Disguise and either the Fireman disguise or the Jetpack are needed to reach it.