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Chapter 4 - When the Going Gets Tough... is a Chapter in LEGO City Undercover. It follows Chase McCain as he seeks to learn kung fu in order to be able to defend himself against Rex Fury.

Plot Summary

The mission begins as McCain receives a call from Ellie Phillips asking what he learned in Bluebell Mine. McCain relates that he was beaten up by Rex and is going to seek out martial arts training from Barry Smith at the nearby Barry Smith's Dojo.

As McCain nears the dojo, he discovers that the bridge to reach it is out. To reach dojo, McCain needs to complete Serenity Bridge, a 30,000 Brick Super Build. After locating several Super Bricks, McCain completes the Super Build and proceeds across the bridge, possibly collecting the disguise token for Karate Guy along the way.

After crossing the bridge, McCain enters the dojo, which triggers Special Assignment - Kung Fool.

After completing the Special Assignment, McCain receives a call from Frank Honey. Honey was picking up the LEGO City Police Department's new state-of-the-art police truck for Ellie when he was hijacked by Chan Chuang's gang. They took the truck to Crabby Cove. McCain tells Honey he'll be right there.

Arriving at Crabby Cove in Fort Meadows McCain finds Honey still in the back of the police truck. Honey and McCain have a brief conversation until a group of thugs working for Chan Chuang are alerted of his presence because Honey was yelling. McCain uses his new kung fu abilities to dispatch two waves of them, then he and Honey leave in the police truck with the thugs in hot pursuit. The duo eventually arrive in Cherry Tree Hills with the police truck, when Honey asks McCain if he can drive the truck the rest of the way.

With Chief Dunby and Mayor Gleeson present, Honey manages to crash the truck into the stage which has been set up in front of the LEGO City Police Station. Gleeson is not pleased that Honey was allowed to drive the truck, and asks McCain if he has any good news about the Fury case. Honey comments that it isn't likely since Dunby ordered McCain off the case. Dunby hems and haws and when Gleeson asks if that's true, Dunby lies and says it isn't and that he was about to send McCain undercover. McCain adds that it was in Chang Chuang's gang.

This completes the chapter and begins Chapter 5 - Undercover.