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Chapter 15 - Far Above the Call of Duty is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. It is the last numbered chapter in the game, and the next to last mission in the game.

Plot summary

This mission begins after Chase McCain has saved LEGO City from Forrest Blackwell's rocket launch in Chapter 14 - Savings and Loans. Blackwell has launched himself to the Moon and has taken Natalia Kowalski with him. As a favor to McCain, Mayor Gleeson agrees to get Apollo Island to lend McCain a Space Shuttle. Officially the reason for this is to arrest Blackwell, but McCain promises Professor Kowalski that he'll rescue Natalia.

McCain begins the chapter at the docks on Apollo Island. He then proceeds to the launchpad, where he needs to build the Space Shuttle, which is a 50,000 brick Super Build. Once the shuttle is built, McCain makes his way to the cockpit, and the shuttle launches. This triggers Special Assignment - Fly Me to the Moon. When Fly Me to the Moon is completed, Far Above the Call of Duty and LEGO City Undercover finish as well.