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Chapter 14 - Savings and Loans is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover.

Plot summary

This mission begins on the Helipad at Blackwell Mansion. Chase McCain needs to rush to Professor Kowalski's building in Auburn Docks to retrieve some working prototypes of Kowalski's containment bubbles. McCain only has five minutes to get there.

Once he reaches the building, McCain meets up with Frank Honey, who will be driving one of the two trucks with the prototypes. McCain and Honey race from Auburn to Downtown with the prototypes, only to discover they need to be assembled upon arrival.

While fighting off Forrest Blackwell's goons, McCain manages to assemble all four of the prototypes in time, as Blackwell launches Blackwell Tower to the Moon.

Professor Kowalski informs McCain that he found out from Blackwell's computer that Natalia Kowalski was on board the rocket.

Chief Dunby meanwhile grudgingly praises McCain's work in saving the city, and even admits he made some mistakes. Mayor Gleeson walks up during this and hears the whole thing. When Dunby notices her, he tries to save face by criticizing McCain.

McCain asks Gleeson for a favor, and she agrees to get Apollo Island to lend him a space shuttle so he can go to the moon and rescue Natalia and arrest Blackwell.