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Chapter 13 - Secrets is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover.

Plot summary

This chapter picks up where Chapter 12 - The Con in Construction -- with Chase McCain inside Rex Fury's base. As soon as this chapter begins Special Assignment - Disruptive Behavior triggers.

During a Cut Scene, it is revealed that Rex is working for someone else. Although there is a video call between the two, the identity of Rex's boss is unclear because the boss has his camera positioned at an angle which hides his face and distorts his voice.

After completing Special Assignment - Disruptive Behavior, in which McCain learns that Forrest Blackwell is the true mastermind behind the crime wave, and rescuing Professor Kowalski from Rex Fury's gang, McCain and Kowalski fly across LEGO City in a UFO to Blackwell's Mansion in Fresco to rescue Natalia Kowalski from Blackwell.

Entering Blackwell's Mansion triggers, Special Assignment - Breaking and Reentering. Completing Breaking and Reentering completes Secrets.