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Chapter 11 - The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover.

Plot summary

Chase McCain rushes to Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor to catch Vinnie Pappalardo's meeting with his buyer. There McCain finds Moe De Luca, who informs McCain that Vinnie's buyer is a real bad customer and Moe is worried for Vinnie's safety. However, Vinnie would be angry if he knew Moe was sending someone to watch over him, so McCain agrees to keep this between the two of them.

Vinnie is meeting his buyer at one of the hotels in Paradise Sands, so McCain goes to look for him. He arrives at Honey's Hotel, a hotel owned by Frank Honey's parents. After scaling the hotel, McCain finds Frank in a pool at the top of the hotel, with a horse on a raft.

McCain finds out from Frank that an ominous-looking helicopter flew overheard a few minutes before and landed on a building oppsotire the Herbert Hotel. McCain sets off across rooftops of Paradise Sands and eventually overhears a conversation between Vinnie Pappalardo and Rex Fury which confirms that Fury has been the buyer for all the items Pappalardo has been stealing.

Pappalardo becomes upset when Fury demands more items, as Fury hasn't paid him for the previous items, except with some Brickasso paintings which Pappalardo describes as being "no good". The meeting ends and Vinnie then calls Chase and tells him he's decided they're going to do a job for their own benefit - stealing from Forrest Blackwell. Not willing to blow his cover until he's arrested Fury, Chase agrees.

He then meets Moe at Blackwell's Sea Tunnel in Paradise Sands. Once McCain reaches the sea tunnel, Special Assignment - Smash 'n' Grab is triggered. The special assignment covers the theft from Blackwell.

When McCain leaves Blackwell's, he's being pursued by a group of Blackwell's Sentinels. Moe tells McCain to meet him Downtown at the south end of Promenade Gardens. When McCain arrives at Promenade Gardens, he's blocked in by the Sentinels.

After defeating them, he contacts Moe, who is trapped at the docks by the Sentinels. Moe is worried about Vinnie, because he's not answering Moe's calls, which is unusual. Moe asks Chase to go to the ice cream parlor to check on Vinnie. The events inside the ice cream parlor are covered in Special Assignment - They All Scream for Ice Cream. Completing the special assignment finishes Chapter 11, and begins Chapter 12 - The Con in Construction.