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Chapter 10 - Back on the Case is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover.

Plot summary

The mission begins when Chase McCain receives a call from Vinnie Pappalardo about a buyer's request to steal a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Uptown Museum. Believing Rex Fury is Vinnie's buyer, Chase agrees to steal the dinosaur in the hopes it will lead him to Fury. The mission to infiltrate the Uptown Museum is covered in Special Assignment - The Colossal Fossil Hustle.

After Chase has delivered the T. Rex to a warehouse near the LEGO City Airport, Vinnie informs Chase that his buyer also wants a fire boat. Vinnie asks Chase to infiltrate the LEGO City Fire Department in order to steal it. The mission to infiltrate the Fire Department is covered in Special Assignment - Hot Property.

Once the fire boat has been delivered and Chase is about to rush to Vinnie's ice cream parlor to find out who Vinnie's buyer is, Natalia Kowalski calls Chase. Some men in suits and an unmarked van have been watching her. She initially thinks Chase has police watching her, but quickly figures out they're not.

Chase rushes to the LEGO City Hospital in Festival Square, and finds Natalia is trapped on the roof. After climbing the hospital and fending off several groups of Sentinels to reach Natalia, Chase and Natalia glide on a chicken to the Helipad, which is a 20,000 brick Super Build. After building the helipad, Chase and Natalia call in a coast guard chopper and fly off to Bright Lights Plaza, where Ellie Phillips has agreed to let Natalia hide out in her apartment.