Chan Chuang
Chan Chuang


Chan Chuang


Crime lord, limo company owner and chop shop owner.


LEGO City: Undercover


Chan Chuang is a criminal in LEGO City: Undercover. He is considered a white collar criminal. He also owns a frequently referred to chop shop and a limo company.

After his thugs attack Chase McCain during Chapter 4 - When the Going Gets ToughFrank Honey informs McCain that Chan owns the biggest chop shop in town. This information leads Chase to infiltrate Chuang's gang by using the Communicator's Audio Scan function to and find out that Bucky Butler, a criminal McCain busted before, was going to join Chuang's gang. This leads Chase to the Art Gallery in Uptown where Butler steals a painting and speeds off. McCain replaces Butler and joins Chuang's gang in Chapter 5 - Undercover.


  • Chan experiences fits of rage, going from calm one moment to screaming the next.
  • He runs a scrap yard and a limo company.



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