Bright Lights Plaza is a district of LEGO City in LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. Bright Lights Plaza contains a LEGO Store, and is the district where Ellie Phillips lives. The second Helipad found in LEGO City Undercover is in Bright Lights Plaza. Most of the place is a shopping district with one large shopping mall in the center.

Located in the central area of LEGO City, Bright Lights Plaza is bordered by Crescent Park to the north and the Pagoda to the south. The Crosstown Tunnel connects Bright Lights Plaza with Paradise Sands to the northeast. Its also looks like Times Square NY.

During the Main Missions, Chase McCain had to escort Forrest Blackwell to the Theater in Bright Lights Plaza via car.

The Shopping Mall has two stories. The Autos Store is the location of a Vehicle Robbery, though you have to start it on the side of the mall. If you tune into the audio from nearby, you have to arrest the gang on the second floor. In the Steam version of LEGO City Undercover, building all three LEGO Store items will get you the "What's In Store" achievement. There is a silver statue located in the mall. A free run is located at the mall.