Brick by Brick is the third Mission in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. It takes place in the Cherry Tree Hills district of LEGO City.

Plot Summary

When Chase McCain returns to the LEGO City Police Station after Where's Mr. Waggles?, he is called to the roof of the police station by a Officer Lawson. She explains that a news crew is doing a story about the LEGO City Police Department and they're arriving by helicopter, but the Helipad isn't finished yet. They need 300 Super Bricks to finish it.

The officer then explains that while every LEGO object contains Super Bricks, a special one nearby contains 200 Super Bricks. After picking up the Super Brick, and using some Super Bricks he had collected himself, Chase is able to complete his first Super Build, the helipad.

With the helipad complete, the news crew arrives, led by Natalia Kowalski. Chase McCain seems smitten with Kowalski, but before they can speak, Deputy Dunby ushers her inside the police station.

With the cameras rolling, McCain is instructed by Dunby to show the reporters the kind of police work the department does by rescuing Worker Plumbs who is trapped in the air on a steel beam. McCain has to use a Detective Point to find the controls for the crane holding the beam, which were hidden by the Knuckles Gang.

After the construction worker is rescued, Dunby informs McCain he's needed in the playground. A maintenance worker's lawnmower has been sabotaged so it won't stop. With the cameras still rolling, McCain climbs to the nearby construction site for the train bridge and uses a crane to rescue the worker from the runaway lawnmower.